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Short: Corbin's Training

Journey into the story by reading shorts from different perspectives and events that happen in between major plot points!


“Corbin, you need to train harder. I want you in my personal squadron when you graduate.”

His father’s words echoed in his mind since he arrived back at the Imperial Academy for his final year. As the general’s son, he was expected to be one of the finest fighters at the academy.

After slacking on training last term, he fell behind. It showed when he was cornered sneaking into his father’s intelligence meetings in disguise. He didn’t anticipate fighting the guards posted, but he never did think his plans through.

When Aris and Nicholas contacted him telling him they’d be sparring in the arena that evening, Corbin went. Fighting Aris was a challenge, and somehow he won. But facing off against Nicholas was another story. He was beaten easily, and though it was the Prince, his pride was still wounded.

Then a new challenger entered the ring. The color drained from Corbin’s face as he realized who it was: one of the elven emissaries from the dossiers. They had already arrived? He watched her intently as he took on the role of referee. She had the audacity to challenge Nicholas immediately, and didn’t seem to recognize that he was the crown prince of Celeste.

Of course an Arcovan would be so ignorant. Yet she bested Aris faster than anything he had ever seen. Stunned, Corbin hailed her as the winner as Nicholas readied himself to fight this new challenger.

Nicholas, who was undefeated, who trained rigorously daily, was beaten in seconds. The elven challenger moved too fast.

Corbin trembled at the power, was this how the Arcovans managed to stave off the Celestians one thousand years ago? Was this why there was still tension between the two powers?

Lord Latchkey Andraste. She was unlike any fighter he had seen.

Corbin spent the next few months mustering the courage to ask her to train with him.

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