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Dialects in Dialogues

I've had a few early readers voice concerns to me that my use of "alright" in dialogue is not correct and that I should use "all right" instead. I imagine the common tongue (in this case Celestian) to be much like English. While our Arcovan friends are not native speakers of Celestian, they are fluent, but have their own accents and dialects from their upbringing. These dialects make themselves apparent through the use of more informal speaking like "alright." Readers may also notice subtle different manners of speaking that differentiate... let's say a noble native Celestian and an Arcovan commoner.

In my own experience, I have learned people discriminate based on dialects and mannerisms not only in writing and online, but also in speech. Th existence of implicit bias based on dialect alone is harmful. The validity of different vernaculars is important and shouldn't diminish one's contributions, experiences, or value as a person.

A goal in my writing is to display certain themes not necessarily as they are commonly portrayed, or even as humankind (particularly western society) has experienced them. While my writing is idealistic and even utopic at times, there are ways to address issues that aren't always in the actions of the characters, but in the construction of the narrative itself.

I will do my best to continue to move forward and grow as a person and a writer.

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