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Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Brief character introductions accompanied by quick drawings. All major characters are introduced as if at the beginning of the Against the Stars timeline.

Latchkey Andraste

Name: Latchkey Andraste

Age: 17

Race: Half Elven, Half Hume

Home Planet: Arcova

Bio: Latchkey was adopted by Bear Andraste shortly after her birth, and raised as Alastrine's companion and royal bodyguard. She aspires to one day follow in her father's footsteps and serve a major term as the King's personal guard before inheriting Bear's role as owner of the Alliance Bank, and the title of wealthiest in the galaxy.


Alastrine Aine

Name: Alastrine Aine

Age: 17

Race: Half Elven, Half Hume Home Planet: Arcova Bio: Alastrine Aine is the future King of Arcova, raised and trained alongside her bodyguard and best friend, Latchkey Andraste. She is level-headed and often the voice of reason, and works hard to maintain her image for her Kingdom's sake.


Bear Andraste

Name: Bear Andraste

Age: 48

Race: Elven Home Planet: Arcova Bio: Bear Andraste is the former bodyguard of Arcova's King, head of the Alliance Bank, and Latchkey's adoptive father. He is also the wealthiest man in the galaxy. During his time as the King's guard he was a notorious warrior. He was and has always been very close to the King.



Name: Ljomi

Age: 1

Race: Dragon Home Planet: Celeste Bio: Ljomi is a white dragon raised by the Celestian high priests with the intention of becoming a future royal dragon. He is a hatchling.


Magnate Marauder

Name: Magnate Marauder

Age: ?

Race: ? Home Planet: ? Bio: This mysterious man has been sighted robbing Celeste's elite and the most secure vaults of Celestivas. He has never come close to being caught.


Talon Raleigh

Name: Talon Raleigh

Age: 18

Race: Elven Home Planet: Celeste Bio: Talon Raleigh is the son of the Arcovan Ambassador to Celeste. He always prefers a more diplomatic approach to problem solving and hopes to one day take on his mother's mantle as Ambassador.


Muna Ochre

Name: Muna Ochre

Age: 17

Race: Umir Home Planet: Umir Bio: Muna Ochre attends the Imperial Academy on a scholarship. Her parents own a modest shipping conglomerate in the Imperial colonies. She is a genius when it comes to strategy and combat tactics. Shy at first, she grows bold when she feels flirtatious.


Aris Manus

Name: Aris Manus

Age: 18

Race: Celestian Home Planet: Celeste Bio: Aris Manus is the future Emperor Nicholas's personal bodyguard. He is handsome, friendly, and always follows orders.


Nicholas Crimson

Name: Nicholas Aidanius Crimson

Age: 17

Race: Celestian Home Planet: Celeste Bio: Nicholas Crimson is the future Emperor of the Celestian Empire. He often flaunts his role and is never challenged.


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