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Space elf makes bad life choices.

Latchkey is a seventeen year old half-hume, half-elven bodyguard to Arcova's future King, Alastrine.  Adopted by the King's former bodyguard, she grew to follow in his footsteps and protect her companion at all costs.

Now she must spend her final year of schooling alongside Alastrine with an unexpected new role:  to bring a sense of peace between Arcova's interstellar Kingdom and the rival Celestian Empire as tensions escalate.  Mingling with the future heirs of the Empire is no easy task.  Latchkey struggles with the limits of her new role and soon finds herself in trouble.  Her future dreams of being a royal bodyguard are at stake when she inadvertently steals a royal dragon and falls for a masked thief.

Failing her mission to ensure a peaceful future and surviving a devastating terrorist attack, Latchkey faces guilt and wants revenge.  With the aid of her dragon and her mysterious masked admirer, she uncovers a secret organization and conspiracy that has brought the galaxy to war.  This culminates in an explosive finale where she gets justice by defeating an unanticipated villain.

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A. Wilde grew up in the heart of the Appalachian mountains and often spent their spare time drawing and exploring.  Blessed with plenty of opportunities for adventure, Wilde has helped excavate native american artifacts, ventured inside glaciers in the alps, outran gangsters in the streets of Paris, all before the age of 21.  Now A. Wilde works as an artist by day and a writer by night.

A. Wilde
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