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Latchkey, the future King's bodyguard and bank heir, has a mission across the galaxy as an emissary to help foster a sense of peace between two interstellar empires.  Reluctant to adjust to her new role, she finds herself in the company of a dragon, a masked thief, and testy royals.  Will she uncover the mysteries of her past, keep the secrets of the present, and save the future from war?

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Against the Stars is the umbrella name for a series that starts with the book Dragonthief.  Dragonthief is an unpublished manuscript looking to someday traditionally publish.  While posting writing online might seem counterproductive to this goal (and technically "publishing"), Aylin Wilde believes in building an audience and momentum.  Sharing Dragonthief online will open the door to improvement and opportunity.

The story draws inspiration from space operas and fairy tales.  It is intended for young adults due to fantasy violence and suggestive themes.  As a blend of science fiction and fantasy, Dragonthief clocks in at a healthy 118,000-ish words.  A full synopsis can be found here.

Dragonthief features queer characters, mixed and adoptive families, and struggles with trauma;  all while sprinkled with mystery and romance.  Themes that the series will also explore include environmentalism, coping with abuse, and dismantling gender roles and stereotypes.

All illustrations, writing, and other content on this website is created solely by Aylin Wilde.

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